Ma bouche à moi !

Ma bouche à moi !

A well-chosen lipstick makes our lips even more beautiful!

Which of us never wanted to give our lips a truly irresistible look? The choice to use a lipstick is usually made quite quickly! Nowadays, you can no longer choose to use only a "standard" lipstick. So what about a liquid lipstick?

A liquid lipstick has an extra shiny side for the gloss or a matte finish that leaves the feeling of a soft voluptuousness on our lips. Usually with a handy brush, the liquid lipstick is easily placed on our lips, so they look the trendiest every time.

And you my pretty, your opinion? Do you have any in your makeup bag? Are you rather shiny or mat?

For quite a few years, many women have turned to this type of matte lipstick for quite a few reasons. And one of them probably remains that : it does not leave TRACES !!

I'm sure each of us at least had one (or one) partner who couldn't stand having a kiss with lipstick or even worse, lip gloss!

I would be lying to you if I didn't tell you that it never happened to me! In fact, it was my daily life before the discovery of matte lipsticks. But not only for kisses (too bad), especially for the marks on my clothes, my scarves in winter, drinking glasses, friendly kisses, etc. And there lately (because yes, I’m still putting gloss on it eh: p), we’re talking about masks !? = (This obligatory mask which obliges us to make a glance of embers and to be styled with (lol)! Even if it is clear that it is necessary in any case and I still strongly encourage you to protect yourself well, you and your loved ones for the weeks and months to come darling :)

After all, masked or not we can make virtual kisses no!

Did you know ? Kissing strengthens ties with the person (s) you love. When you kiss someone, you release oxytocin, it's the hormone that creates a bond. But also dopamine, the neurotransmitter that generates a feeling of confidence, love and desire. Thank you Professor Johannes Bitzer :)

Now let me introduce you to the new range of “Mat à Moi!” Lipsticks. »From home Kiss2kiss cosmetics. Made of 12 shadesall as attractive as each other, its mineral formula as well as its soft and delicate brush, offers a smooth finish with impeccable hold. The biggest advantage for good matte lipsticks. Not to mention the many color mixes you can do with a lipstick like this! (I’m talking about it and offering nice compositions on the Kiss2kiss site, in another blog here if you’re interested in Mat & Mix;))

Anyway, shiny or matte, we will always be the most beautiful! 

See you at the Kiss2kiss shop to get your little cosmetic gem to complete your beautiful collection of make-up and don't hesitate to leave me your opinions on the site and partner pages Facebook and Instagram<3

Glad to have shared this little moment with you! See you soon :)


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Cindy November 24 2020

Top! Merci pour ces infos :) La collection est magnifique bravo !

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